Welcome! Bienvenue!

Emerveillée… is evolving…  and even if most of this site is still in French, we are moving one step at a time…  to a larger vision called « Rise up & EVolve TogethER« 

Our mission is to Encourage, Equip, Empower…

  • You, who wants to find harmony (for you and your family)  in personal and profissional life, while navigating through the life seasons and transitions.

Our world has evolved.

  • We  see a women generation rising up and taking places in politics, economy, as CEO…
  • We see a men generation rising up who wants be present with their families, investing time with their kids…
  • We see a young generation rising up in a global connected world,  being influenced to behave and think like « everybody else » in the world  … How to preserve and encourage their own identity instead of comparison?

We are a generation of pioneers. Writting a new chapter in the history. Women and men looking for models to follow. Women and men looking for answers…

  • How to find harmony…
    • having a healthy marriage, being a good parent, and evolving in a carrier you love?
    • when you are an expatriate and your career needs to start all over again?
    • when you deal with a multicultural environment?
    • adding value to your own uniqueness, identity and potential in a world where comparison and « do like everybody else » seems to be the standard?

We are here to help you. Through individual coaching, training and mentorings, our programs aim to help you to RISE UP & EVOLVE, by…

Encouraging … Being next to you in this season of change (sometimes a season of change may be a quite lonely season)

Equipping… Helping you to be aware of who you are, your talents, ressources…(but also your weakness…and create a plan to deal with it)… As well to learning how to manage your emotions, stress, and how to use a non-violent communication.

Empowering… You, to evolve, by developping your leadership.

These last years, we have been in Brazil and France, working with leaders from different nations.

Our vision is:

  • Men & Women rising and evolving , together, with harmony. 
  • Families,  where couples, children, are encouraged and supported in their dreams and vision.
  • Leaders adding value to others,
    • In their personal life, building families where each spouse and child is encouraged, they take time to communicate, and support each one’s dreams and vision.
    • In their professional life, they are equipped to bring the best of each one in their teams, and lead by example.
  • Groups/Teams: where individuals are encouraged to express their talents and bring their best.

The world has yet to see what happens when men and women rise and evolve in harmony, together.

We are here to help you …

With love,


Elis (Elisangela Rodrigues Vieira) is a Brazilian girl living in France.  Married, she moved with her husband to France in 2002. Both have a PhD in Computer Science, and they are now parents of 3 kids.  She leads daily with multicultural questions and the challenge of being an expat… woman,  wife, mom, evolving in her career.  Her passion is to encourage, equip and empower those around her. With over 20 years on leadership, an experience that passes by multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, she is also a Professional Coach. Since October 2018, she has joined John Maxwell Team,  with this vision to contribute to lives transformation and add value to people.